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Heidi Hadaway

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary South African Sculptor
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Sculptor Heidi Hadaway
Heidi Hadaway

About Heidi Hadaway

Heidi Hadaway creates original bronze sculptures from small to Monumental for special features and fountains. She specialises in the human form, accurate likenesses, memorials and busts. She celebrates the beauty of life with great attention to detail. Commissions of any kind are welcome.

Heidi is an accomplished sculptor who specialises in realistic figurative work. Great attention is given to detail and anatomy while the character of the person is accurately portrayed. Her lifelike bronze sculptures can be seen in several schools and many private home in South Africa. Heidi works from her studio in Northcliff, Johannesburg and is able to produce her work efficiently under pressure when needed.

Heidi Hadaway

Biography / CV of Heidi Hadaway

Heidi Hadaway`s forte is the human figure, with close attention to anatomy. The sculptor works from her studio at home in Northcliff Johannesburg where she originates the bronze sculptures in clay before it goes to the foundry to be cast in bronze, using the lost wax method.

Her work portrays beauty in life that provides lasting enjoyment and increases in value, and her clients satisfaction is guaranteed as every work is approved before it goes for casting.

Heidi Hadaway

Artist Statement of Heidi Hadaway

All of my sculptures are finished with a classic French brown petina and I obtain slight colour variations with temperature.

Acquisitions / Collections of work by Heidi Hadaway

Heidi Hadaway takes on commissions from abstract designs and animals to accurate realistic likenesses of children, including busts and memorials with meticulous detail.

Public Works of Heidi Hadaway

Many Wide and Varied look below for just some of her examples of Monumental Public work

Price Range of Work

Heidi Hadaway's work has a price range from £1,750 to £100,000

Mediums utilised

Heidi Hadaway's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Heidi Hadaway's work is found in the following categories on site:
Portrait Sculptures / Commission or Bespoke or Customised Sculptures (18)
Commission and Custom and Bespoke sculpture Statues (16)
Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures (16)
Children Child Babies Infants Toddlers Kids Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (15)
Children Playing Sculptures or Statues or statuettes (14)
Commemoratives and Memorials Sculptures (13)
Male Men Youths Masculine Statues Sculptures statuettes figurines (13)
Females Women Girls Ladies Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (10)
Indoor figurative sculpture (9)
Small / Little Figurative sculpture / statuette / statuary / ornament / figurine (9)
Human Figurative Sculptures (8)
Nudes, Female Sculptures (7)
Little Small Nude or Naked Girls Women Ladies Females Sculpture Statue statuettes Figurines (7)
Famous People Sculptures Statues (6)
Dance Sculptures and Ballet Sculptures (6)
Love / Affection Sculpture (5)
Interior, Indoors, Inside Sculpture (5)
Couples or Group Sculptures (5)
Contemplative, Restful, Thougtful Sculptures (4)
Semi Nude / Naked Girls Females Women Sculptures (4)
Unselfconscious Relaxed Nude sculpture (4)
Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures (4)
Teenagers Sculptures statuettes Portraits figurines commissions etc (4)
Sculptures of Sport in General (4)
Public Art Sculpture (3)
Animals and Humans Sculptures, Statues and Statuettes (3)
Ballet Dancer Ballerina Classical Dance Sculptures Statues statuettes Figurines (3)
Classical Style Sculptures and Statues (3)
Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine (3)
Mermaid Water Babies Water and Sea Nymphs sculpture statue statuary for Outdoors in the Garden (2)
Proud of Pride In Self Confidence sculpture statue statuette (2)
Contented Happy Relaxed Sculpture or Statue (2)
Nude sculpture statue statuette Figurine Ornament (2)
Happiness / Joy / Exuberance / Wild Pleasure sculpture (2)
Gymnast or Gymnastic sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine (2)
Nudes / Male Sculpture (2)
Balancing Sculptures (2)
Sensuous Sexy Erotic (Nude Naked Girls Females Women Ladies) (2)
Outsize, Very Big, Extra Large and Massive Sculptures (2)
Family Groups Sculptures (2)
Meditation sculpture / Statues / statuettes / figurines (2)
Spirit of Dance Abstract Contemporary Modern sculpture
Stylized People Sculptures
Busts and Heads Sculptures Statues statuettes Commissions Bespoke Custom Portrait Memorial Commemorative sculpture or statue
Golf Sculptures
Parent - Child Sculpture
Dogs Sculpture
Mythical Sculptures
Wall Mounted or Wall Hanging sculpture
Cats Sculpture
Predators Carnivores Hunters Flesh Eaters Sculptures Statues statuettes carvings
Celebrity and Star Sculptures
Aspirational / Inspirational Sculptures or Statues
Historical Character Statues / Sculptures
Arte Nouveau Style Sculptures
Wild Bird Sculptures
Figurative Abstract Modern or Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuary statuettes figurines
African Animal and Wildlife Sculptures
Birds of Prey / Raptors Sculptures
Mother and Child, the Madonna, mother and children Sculptures
Public Park or Urban Landscape or Corporate sculpture / Fountain / Sratuary
Friendship Friends chummyness Amicability Camaraderie Cordility Kindred Spirit
Flock of Birds sculpture statue statuette
Stylised Nude statue sculpture statuette ornament
Ice Skating Dancing on Ice sculpture statue
Nude Garden Yard Outdoor Outside Sculptures Statues
Birds in Flight, Birds Flying Sculptures or Statues
Big Large Birds Sculptures Statues
Athletes Athletics Runners Cyclists Hurdlers Sprinters High Jumpers, Throwers Putters
Water Features, Fountains and Cascades
Hanging Suspended sculpture Statues tatuette
Swimmers Water Polo Divers Diving sculpture Statues
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"Sculpture consists of concrete material bounded by forms, intentionally built up by mankind in three dimensional space."
Naum Gabo
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